School Visits


     Writers often visit schools to promote their books... but did you know that illustrators can to?

     Nothing puts children more in touch with their creative sides than to meet a grown-up who draws pictures for their job.  Best of all, as part of every visit, they get to “Boss My Hands Around” as we co-create something zany!


The Four Stages of an Image- Idea, Thumbnail, Sketch and Final Artwork.  Many children only see the finished product.  This fun look at all the steps involved in bringing an image to life gives them a better understanding of the process. It also makes them a bit more patient with their own creative attempts instead of expecting them to be PERFECT!

That’s Impossible! - The Power of the Pen (or Pencil)  A fabulous look at the job of the illustrator to bring the impossible to life by looking at the world around you and then using your imagination.  Hands-on activities for kids can be worked in to this visit or left with teachers for follow-up.

Supercharging Your Creativity.  A great workshop full of ideas for children on how to boost their Creativity and Imagination that includes exaggeration, cartooning, moods and colour theory.

Grown-Ups Can Draw for Their Jobs! A dynamic and fast-paced Middle or High School level Power Point presentation about surviving with a non-traditional career. 

In New Brunswick, I am available for bookings through the Provincial WRITERS IN THE SCHOOLS program or you can contact me at the phone number and e-mail address indicated below the picture,


Jennifer Aikman-Smith

Moncton, NB, Canada


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